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Un mot de l'artiste - Andreas Rocha

  • ​ Claire Gendrault
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In our new "A Word from the Artist", we asked Andreas Rocha, a concept artist and digital painter based in Lisbon, Portugal, three questions. 

How did you start digital painting?

I started digital painting in my second year of college during my architecture degree. It was during the early boom of the Internet that I came across digital painting tablets and I soon started to see what was possible to create with this new medium. I was completely blown away and have never looked back since.

Cursed Forest and Industrial District have very different themes, what did you have in mind/ want to achieve when you started them?

I love fantasy and science fiction. These are the themes that I love painting the most and which give me the greatest sense of satisfaction. With "Cursed Forest" I wanted to capture a sense of doom for a group of riders galloping into a forest populated by evil trees (something very common in fantasy worlds!). As for "Industrial District" I just have to say that I am a big fan of Blade Runner and as I was inspired by that, I wanted to portray a huge environment filled with metallic structures and smoke where the sense of ground and sky is completely lost.

Does your work evolve a lot from start to finish? Does it sometimes end up different from your original vision and how?

Yes, usually my work goes through a lot of changes from start to finish; that is also one of the benefits and curses of digital painting. You have so much freedom for experimentation that sometimes it takes you off course. I usually start with a small thumbnail sketch but even that is open to so much interpretation that many possible outcomes suddenly come to life. My creation process is very organic and it evolves from analysing the previous step and trying to improve from that.

You can follow Andreas @andreas.rocha

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