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Un mot de l'artiste - Henry Wong

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A Word from the Artist - Henry Wong

In our new "A Word from the Artist", we asked, Henry Wong, the artist behind the exclusive limited edition Poppies, 3 questions.

How did you come to digital painting?

I started Digital Painting around October 2014. I had just started my MA course in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins and a part time internship at Opus Artz and had little to no experience in digital media.

Who/what are some of your favourite artists/ art-styles?

I have too many favourites but here are a few from the top of my head: Syd Mead, Yoshitaka Amano, Nicolas Sparth, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Ralph McQuarrie and probably more.

You have a very unique style with clear lines and colours, was there a process to its evolution?

I started off learning from the Shaddy Safadi's youtube tutorials and also from the book 'How to Render' by Scott Robertson. I then started to do daily timed sketches to experiment and learn more about small aspects of drawing. And then at some point a certain style just stuck with me.

You would like to know more? Ask us your questions at art@octala.ca

You can also follow Henry at @henrywongdraws

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