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Un mot de l'artiste - Rodolphe Gendrault

  • ​ Claire Gendrault
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In our first "A Word from the Artist", we asked Rodolphe Gendrault, a concept artist and digital painter in the video game industry in Montreal, three questions. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

From life in general. I believe each person has a very distinct ecosystem. It develops and evolves over the years through our experiences, values, the music we listen to, the books we read, the persons we admire, the movies we watch, etc. All of this creates a mosaic that inhabits a person's mind that will influence the way they create in a very personal way.

Have you always expressed your creativity through painting? Why choose digital painting?

I suppose so, I have always drawn and painted. I really like traditional forms of painting, sketching in notebooks or on napkins in restaurants but I also love the versatility that digital painting offers. In terms of ergonomics, it is a great medium that allows access to many forms of creativity.

The titles of your artworks are kind of unusual, how do you decide on a name?

(Chuckles) It really depends. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the image itself and more to do with what's on my mind. For example, I was listening to Wagner's opera when I was painting Tannhäuser. Other times, I think more of the personnality or function I want my characters to be infused with and will pick a random word that will intrigue or even better carry a bit of humour, like indirectly sharing an inside joke.

You can follow Rodolphe on Instagram @rodolphegendrault


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