A perspective

Based in Montreal, OCTALA is an online art gallery with pop-up exhibits that invite you to discover painting through a new lens.

The medium of painting usually brings to mind images of canvases, brushes, and mixed pigments or a contemplative visit to the hallways of a museum.

OCTALA’s  vision is to bring to life the virtual reality of digital painting with exclusive limited editions of curated artworks.


Painting like many other art forms has evolved with the development of technologies. The artists we represent work mainly in the film and video game industries. They come from all over the world and handle a stylus with talent and passion.

Their technique may be inspired from the great masters, but their art is firmly anchored in the 21st century. Indeed, through the use of custom digital brushes and paint effects they create on a blank screen masterpieces as one would do on a canvas. Outside of their professional industries, their personal creativity is boundless and this is our biggest reward!


Claire, the owner, discovered the world of digital painting through her brother Rodolphe, a concept artist, and realized how obscure digital painting was to the general public.

Often mistaken with other forms of digital art, digital painting can get overlooked. However, through her meticulous curation of artwork, Claire hopes to introduce more people to the complexity and beauty of digital painting, and further encourage the artists of our time to flourish doing what they love while raising the appreciation for their art.