Exclusive limited editions

We bring to life the artistic expression of our artists through the medium of high quality treated recycled aluminum. It is the perfect material and surface to highlight their sheer talent.

The result? A sleek and modern look; a clarity that draws your eye to the painting from every angle.

Each artwork is professionally authentified, comes in luxury limited editions of 8 containing the artist’s signature and always in different custom sizes, making each piece absolutely unique!

How can I verify the authenticity of my artwork?

Each artwork comes with a NFC chip that certifies its limited edition and with a certificate of authenticity from OCTALA.

Without the chip and the information contained within, the artwork becomes illegal as it indicates that it was produced without the consent of the artist.

Additionally, for copyright purposes, please keep in mind online digital files are not full resolution. However, our limited editions use the original file that ensure your purchased painting will be of ultimate quality in terms of details, depth and colors.


Our artwork sizes are rounded to the nearest whole centimeter.

If you have any questions about the dimensions of an artwork or want to inquire about our custom sizes, please email us at info@octala.ca.

What are the advantages of aluminum?

Our priority is to do justice to the work created by the artists we represent and the medium of aluminum has the perfect balance between depth, saturation, vividness, and stunning sharpness. Printing on aluminum ensures the painting will come to life, for a singularly spectacular effect!

Aluminum also has the added advantage of being moisture proof and exceedingly resistant to changes in temperature. Therefore, these paintings could be the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, or above the fireplace mantel.

How do I care for my artwork?

Like any other form of art on a canvas, OCTALA’s art pieces are sensitive to light. We recommend that the art is not displayed somewhere where it is exposed to direct sunlight, so as to preserve its integrity.

For cleaning, use a soft cloth and if needed soap and water to remove fingerprints after hanging.

How long before I receive my artwork?

Delivery can take up to a month depending on inventory and the amount of orders needed to be processed. However, we endeavour to complete your order as quickly as possible and will inform you if any delays are expected. If your order is time sensitive, please let us know at the time of placing it and we will confirm if we can expect to meet your deadline.

What is your return policy?

We will replace any artwork that is damaged during shipping. You must notify us within 24 hours of the time of delivery, by email, otherwise the order shall be deemed inspected and accepted by you. Should your order arrive with damaged packaging, please do the following:

  • take photographs of the damage before you open the package
  • if the contents are damaged, photograph them without removing them if that shows the damage or unwrap if necessary
  • keep the package at the premises to which it was delivered to await collection by the courier
  • send us the photographs immediately, by email, plus any information to support the insurance claim that we will have to make against the courier

International Shipping

  • Please note that while we offer free shipping worldwide, all orders outside of Canada may be subject to national customs, duties and taxes upon delivery.
  • If your address does not appear in a region available for shipping, please contact us at info@octala.ca. We will try our best to make delivery possible to your doorstep.

Still need help? Please contact us.